Sunday, April 21, 2013

How can it be said that you can't live without someone?
Life is lived as an experience for one.
Eat, sleep, live and expire.
By oneself.

To have the desire to share your life with someone.
Is a blessing.
Common yet rare.
If the time spent together is not worth the time.
Time should rather not be spent together.

Searching, looking.
A city full of lost halves.
It just takes that first moment to really know.
So if I am not it,
Please spare us the despair
And float on.
Let us find ourselves
Grow within ourselves.

My heart is not for you to play.
My time is not for you to waste.
Take care of your words.
Be aware of your actions.

Spent last night in company of good friends.
Funny how we all take these moments for granted, until oceans and land masses are able to separate us from spending these careless nights with each other.
Misadventures, city lights far away, our windswept hair and the cold picking at our skin.
Train fleeting through the Brooklyn Bridge.
Urban songs blasting; lively libations.
These are the moments of my youth.
Cherishing these moments with the friend who has been there for me.
Never forget that life is lived only once.
So live it well and love living it.
For myself and no one else.