Saturday, May 30, 2009

First Blog!

Hi Everyone!

So... I've stumbled into the blog world clueless but just thought I might give this a try =).
What I would like to achieve here is a place of escape through sharing tips, stories and intricacies with good company and experience some awesome reads.

Rosei =P


  1. Hi Hun~ welcome to blogger! you look really pretty! I cant wait to see more post! :)

    if you have time please enter my contest! ^__^

  2. yay! welcome...ive only had mine for a few months but i love it. (im a pretty lazy poster though. LOL)

    and thanks, haha idk about the blonde on me..haha ill stick with my real hair & just play with the wig...itd be too much up i live in CT no where sweet like FL or CA lol.

    look forward to seeing more posts from you!

  3. Hey gorgeous (: Thanks for following my photogblog :D Welcome to blogger hehe... looking forward to your posts!