Sunday, August 16, 2009

B. Essentia Blazin' Tangerine Drops Preview

Hand-Tied Gift Boxes are available with purchases!

I couldn't help myself. LOL.
I made another one of these yesterday for B. Essentia.
1 for you 1 for me =P.

I see this isn't going to work is it?

I'm going to have jewelry up the wazoo. lol.

B. Essentia

Limited Editions


Available in Fire Orange and Black
1 in stock of each
Textured Vermeil leaflings (gold over sterling silver)
Gold-plated and Gold-filled chains and components
Brilliant Cubic Zirconium Briolettes

These will be available once the website is ready and launched!



  1. Lovely! Looking HOTTT hehe (; Can't wait to see more jewelry!

  2. aww those are cute! hehe i hear it's hurrcaine season in florida right now! ottawa's getting hit with the heatwave currently as well... and i got no ac -_- booo hehe

    yeah matt nathanson is super cute eh?! what girl can resist a cute guy who writes romantic songs?!?

  3. woohoO! love the pics =] so pretty!

  4. look at you, you super model rocking the creation! very pretty and sexy <3333333

  5. yay for pink cameras! lol btw you look gorgeous in the last pic!

  6. Omg, you look so BEAUTIFUL & sexy~! & I love the earrings, I am SO looking forward to seeing what else is to come :D

  7. oh my goodness gracious great balls of fire! That's GORGEOUS! i love the contrast between the red and the gold. That is fiery hot! you are doing great with your jewelry.